Bollynatyam workshops

*** Bollynatyam workshops for men and women as of 13 years old ***

One Sunday afternoon a month, discover Bollynatyam, fusion of Bharatanatyam and Bollywood dances. Bharatanatyam is the sacred dance of South India, whose postures are derived from Hindu temples. We are approaching the rules carefully and combining them with Bollywood, a colorful mix of Indian classical & folk dances and spicy movements from Eastern & Western dances. Accessible to everyone !

Bollynatyam Bharatanatyam Bollywood BruxellesProgramme:
- Introduction to basic Bharatanatyam:
* postures basics and adavus (sequences of movements)
* hastas / characteristical hands
* expressions and look
* head movements

- Introduction to basic Bollywood:
* feet movements
* hips

- fusion of the two styles through a choreography on Bollywood music (one choreography per workshop)



Timetable: one Sunday a month, from 13h to 16h
- Sunday 9 October 2016
- Sunday 6 November 2016
- Sunday 4 December 2016
- Sunday 22 January 2017
Level: no required prerequisites
Fees: 40 € / workshop - | Student / job seeker (with proof): 35 € / workshop
Location: Fred Academy in Brussels (1st floor) - 18 rue de la Révolution - 1000 Brussels (map here)
Access: metro 2 and 6 MADOU
Clothing: Indian dance is practiced barefeet. Allow ample outfit in which you feel comfortable.


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