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Wedding choreography

Danse indienne ouverture bal mariage_0.jpgAn Indian dance for your wedding

For your wedding, do you want an Indian choreography as the opening dance? Or do you want to surprise your friends who are getting married with a dance? We help you realize your dream!


A made to measure wedding dance

Your story is unique. We imagine a dance that looks like you and that will make your dance opening a magical moment. We create a personalized wedding choreography on the music of your choice (or we suggest songs if you wish). And if you think you do not know how to dance, review your judgment! You will both play together and use your complicity to learn dance steps as a couple.

Our dance repetitions are light parentheses, often welcome in the midst of all the stress of wedding preparations. And these "rehearsals" will of course cause a sensation as the bride and groom dance !


A ball opening a little ... or very Indian

A rather pop dance with just a few Indian accents?

Steps inspired by Indian classical or folk dances (Bharatanatyam, Khatak, Garba ...)?

Or a 100% Bollywood choreography?

Everything is possible! Let us know your desires.



Our rehearsals take place in Brussels, at our or your place. They last about 1h30 to 2h. We meet several times, depending on the completeness of the choreography. It is always possible to adapt the proposals to your desires.

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A suprise dance ?

It's your sister, brother, daughter, friend who's getting married? The bride and groom adore India or go on a honeymoon and you want to make them a surprise dance at the party? What a beautiful idea!

We accompany you with pleasure to make this surprise a success.

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Other wedding ideas

We can also offer you:

- An introduction to Bollywood for your bachelorette / hen party
- Indian dance performance during your wedding reception, followed by a Bollywood or folk dance performance for you and your guests.

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