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Bollywood - Ann

Ann resumed dancing she had practiced for years, in search for more movement and joy into her life. Interested in Indian culture, she started Bollywood classes with Tala & Nritya lessons given by Sarah and that was the trigger. Ann had a real artistic crush.

Bollywood Indian dance first seduced her with her energy and her contagious good humor. It is a modern dance, with mixed influences, which allows to embody stories and express emotions that give a particular meaning to the movements of the body, beyond a simple sequence of choreographed gestures.

Throughout her training, Ann became passionate about the depth and complexity of the roots of Bollywood. Inspired by classical and folk Indian dances, it is an art that requires a lot of rigor and precision.

At the same time, Ann trained in different Indian dances: Garba, Dandiya Raas, Bharata-Natyam, Odissi ... Indian dance has so many fascinating facets! She is also interested in "fusion" styles, where different genres and repertoires are being mixed. This offers great freedom of creation, where everyone can find a personal way to express themselves and communicate with the public.

Ann took lessons for several years before giving her first Bollywood dance lessons, then joining the dance company Tala & Nritya, with which she performs during shows, cultural events, TV shows.

Ann enjoys teaching Bollywood classes with energy and kindness.

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