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Internal regulation



Each participant or his/her legal representative must complete the registration form and accept these general conditions.


The subscription has to be paid in full as from the 2nd class by bank transfer only to the account Fortis BE31 0017 1715 7755, following the confirmation e-mail that will be sent to the participant. Nonetheless, it is possible to obtain exceptionally a spread payment with prior agreement of the management.

The student will not be allowed to claim a refund of his/her subscription, except in the case of non-attendance during minimum 4 weeks, justified by a medical certificate.

The annual fee of 15 € has to be paid as from the 2nd class by bank transfer only to the Fortis account BE 31 0017 1715 7755. It covers insurance and administrative expenses. It is not transferable or refundable. It provides the status of member of the non-profit organisation. This status is valid until the end of the school year and is renewable every year. If the annual fee is not paid by the student, he/she will not be insured and will not be allowed to attend the class.




- The student will do his/her utmost to arrive 10 minutes before the start of the class in order to be on time when the class begins.
- The student will have a respectful attitude towards the teacher and the other participants.
- Everyone will ensure appropriate maintenance of the cleanliness of the premises (dance studio and locker rooms) and the equipment. In the event of partial or complete destruction of the equipment, the student at fault will be held fully responsible and will pay the cost of repair or replacement.
- Tala & Nritya and the owner of the dance studio in which the classes take place cannot be held liable in the event of loss or theft of any object or clothing whatsoever.
- Students’ parents, partners and friends may not attend classes except during the "open doors" week or with prior approval from the teacher.

- The teacher reserves the right to deny access to the class to a person without justification. Repeated disruption may result in the temporary or permanent exclusion of the student concerned.


Recommended outfit: comfortable sportswear (no jeans), skirt + top, Indian salwar kameez outfit. Indian dance is practiced bare feet. Non-slip socks/dance slippers are accepted. On the contrary, sneakers and shoes are prohibited.
Odissi: long shirt/tunic/salwar kameez - bare feet


Of the student

In case of absence, the students informs the teacher via sms, WhatsApp or email.

Of the teacher

Each teacher, in case of absence, will do everything possible to find a substitute for her class. If this is not possible, she will find a date on which the students can make up for the missed class. In all cases, students will be notified personally by sms.

Each parent or legal representative of a minor student is required to ensure that the teacher has arrived before leaving the minor student alone.


By accepting these internal regulations, the student or student’s parent authorises the non-commercial distribution of photos/videos taken during the classes, in order to promote the activities of the school. Tala & Nritya is committed to ensuring that the images that are shown do not affect the reputation of any student. However, if a student or his/her legal representative does not want to appear on the photos/videos, he/she must mention it before the class to the teacher.


Tala & Nritya organises a show every two years. Each student will receive a registration form confirming his/her participation. Each participant who has confirmed his/her participation is therefore obliged to attend the classes as well as any additional and necessary rehearsal. The teacher may exclude a participant from the show in case of repeated absences or if he/she has not returned his/her registration form.

Each participant has to pay a participation fee and a the rent of a costume if necessary. He/She is responsible for his/her accessories (jewellery, make-up) as well the costume.

The choreographies learned during the classes are the property of the professor or the artistic director and cannot be presented to an external audience without prior agreement of the management.


By signing this policy, you authorise Tala & Nritya to add your e-mail address to its database and you agree that Tala & Nritya will send you information about its activities by email. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link at the end of each newsletter. Your data is never transmitted to third parties.

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