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Bollywood & Creative Indian Dance for Kids / Teens

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For your child, are you looking for an original and sparkling activity, both cultural and sporting? Welcome to the creative Indian dance & Bollywood class on Thursdays at Pianofabriek (St-Gilles), for ages 6-12.

With Bollywood, children learn Indian dance techniques by playing with:

  • facial expressions to tell stories
  • gestures of hands and feet
  • body posture
  • improvisation through creative dance

Creative dance enables them to develop their imagination and self-confidence, while having fun. We also emphase on the group, where each child can find their place and evolve with their peers.

>> Watch our kids shine on stage <<

Timetable and location (term starts on 14 Sept.)

Kids 6-8 years old (from the 1st to 3d Primary School)

Thursday from 4.15 to 5.15 pm in Pianofabriek

Kids 9-12 years old (from the 4th to 6th Primary School) Thursday from 5.20 to 6.20 pm in Pianofabriek


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Class location : Pianofabriek : studio Dakar - 3rd floor - Rue du Fort 35, 1060 Saint-Gilles (see map)

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